Vaguely Anthemic EP

by 7 Hour Darkness Invasion

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Jowan Mead
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Jowan Mead good shit OP Favorite track: Dani California as an Abstract Concept.
Benjamin Woods
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Benjamin Woods now i know what it means to be human Favorite track: Vs The Audience.
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recorded, mixed, and mastered in the span of 12 hours
just some songs that aren't really suited to any lp
album artwork is of alfie


released March 17, 2017

james - bass
alfie - pedalboard
yvette - vocals
dan jackson - drums




7 Hour Darkness Invasion London, UK

sad tgirl from london/chicago living in york

Check out for demos!

c/w: there's a lot of shit about blood/trans stuff/suicide/alcoholism in all my albums

header is a comment from pornhub user "ilovecollegegirls" on an fpov vid
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Track Name: Vs The Audience
God this is just a bit much
The stage is too bright
The crowd is too dark
There's too much chatter
And I'm way too fucking sober

Woke up from a daydream
Into a venue
Tell me if I go out of tune
Cause I don't know what I'm doing
I don't know the lyrics, don't know the chords
How the fuck do you play guitar
How the fuck did I get this far
How did I stay alive this long
To sing you these songs
With the blood I've lost you would have thought
That something would've gone wrong
But here I am pouring my heart out to people I don't know
Welcome to the show
Track Name: Dani California as an Abstract Concept
Another fuckin cover of a song
Goes on too long
It's current year and we're in the UK
There's no need to play
Shit we hear every day
It's like there's no escape
Every place I go sounds the fucking same
Just for once can't we listen to janelle monae

And yes I'm mad as hell
Playing fast has been mistaken for playing well
I may not be able to sing
But at when I do I sing about me
And not just things that people are familiar with
The SHREK soundtrack has started to make me sick
And I actually fucking like smash mouth
Have you posers even listened to fush yu mang?
I mean it's pretty shit but I like it okay

Perfect sound whatever
Self indulgent shit forever
Suffer through this till the day I die
Cause I'm mr bright side
Track Name: Generation XXX
Step on my balls
Sit on my face
Spank me mommy
I'll kiss your taint
Cum in my hair
Piss in my mouth
Choke me daddy
Slap me about

Fuck me like I'm your ex girlfriend
Fuck me like I'm the asshole she cheated on you with
Fuck me like I'm their younger sister
Who's never even seen a dick

Tie me up
Make me bleed
I wanna cry
I wanna scream
Play with my girlcock
Pound my boipussi
I'm your personal whore
I'm your property

Get me begging for mercy
I want you to hurt me
I want you to hurt me
I want you to hurt me

Fuck me like I'm your secretary
Fuck me like I'm your stuck up boss
Fuck me like I'm on my knees
Begging for a job
Fuck me like I'm your hot step mother
Fuck me like I'm your horny son
Fuck me like you just caught me masturbating
And I need to be punished for what I've done
Track Name: Body Horror
Stare at myself in the mirror before my shower
Try to make my face clean
But I can still stubble
And I'm starting to doubt I'll ever look like the woman I want to be

I'll never be cis pretty
But fuck cis beauty anyway
So what if I don't look feminine
What difference does it make
I use she/her pronouns
Get it right
And goddamn my name is Yvette
Now let me live my life