broken record (single)

by 7 Hour Darkness Invasion

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couple of songs about wanting to die


released March 16, 2017

yvette on guitar and vocals
recorded by lauren




7 Hour Darkness Invasion London, UK

sad tgirl from london/chicago living in york

Check out for demos!

c/w: there's a lot of shit about blood/trans stuff/suicide/alcoholism in all my albums

header is a comment from pornhub user "ilovecollegegirls" on an fpov vid
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Track Name: broken record
Wake up to a text
Pull myself out of bed
Because another of my friends is having a meltdown
And we've all been there
But it seems like every week now
Someone I care about will get fucked up and freak out
Not that I'm any better
Last week I got high and got paranoid
And had to be taken to the hospital
But now I've stopped smoking
And I've already stopped drinking
So I'm consoling my friend who's in tears about stuff I can't really understand before I've had my coffee

When you're depressed you get stoned all alone every day
At least it seems that way
And when you give up, you drop out, ditch your friends, and move away
This might be weird to say
But I can see myself and the people I love
Heading towards that place
And I'm not sure there's anything I can do
To stay even vaguely okay

Now I'm back under my covers
Wishing I had the nerve to save everyone some time
And end my life
Cause no one should have to hear
About all the shit I went through last year
No one should have to listen to me whine
About how I'm too broken to even cry
What am I living for
I don't wanna be a burden anymore
So for the 3rd time this month I stand up, lock the door
Get my razor out, sit down in the shower
Cut up my body for a couple of hours
One of these days I swear I'll be brave and cut a vein

I'm sorry
I'm trying
Track Name: sorry
I'm sorry
Both for the drinking and for what came after
And I'm sorry for letting that happen again, and again, and again

I'm sorry
These jokes aren't great and they aren't getting better
And maybe it's best to not try to make you laugh when you're crying

I'm sorry
I hate all the dumb shit that I say too
And I'm sorry for being so bad at expressing the fact that I love you

But I love you
And I'm sorry that I do
I'm sorry that I've made you deal with that
I'm sorry that you're someone I think I can turn to

Cause when I die by suicide
I don't ever want you to think
That it's your fault
Cause it's not, all it is is that I'm weak
And when I go I want you to know
That you did all you could
I think you should be proud
That I ever felt good

I'm sorry
I'm sorry for whining so much
And if you're listening
It's probably out of obligation

In that case
You deserve congratulations
You got through it all
And if you can then maybe I can too