Beach Life

by 7 Hour Darkness Invasion

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A bunch of songs written over summer 2016. Chronologically speaking this comes after Keep Drinking and before minute to minute EP so I'm still drinking and I'm not full "there is no hope" mode yet.

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to hit me up if you want x

-- Yvette <3


released May 25, 2017

Fake James - Bass
Alfie - Guitar
Yvette - Other Guitar, Vocals, Some of the Synth
Dan Jackson - Drums, Most of the Synth

Mixed by Yvette
Mastered by Alfie

Special thanks to Andrew Chadwick, Amy & Tara, Sam, Laura, Nick, Lauren & Elliot, all of bandsoc, Oscar (both of them), my flat, Parker, the band Parker Lee, whoever recorded Fillmore Jive live in frankfurt 1994, Prozac, "Red White and Blue BREXIT Floridas by MichLIBDEMSURGE Govelek", real James, Valhalla DSP, and Josef Barometer




7 Hour Darkness Invasion London, UK

sad tgirl from london/chicago living in york

Check out for demos!

c/w: there's a lot of shit about blood/trans stuff/suicide/alcoholism in all my albums

header is a comment from pornhub user "ilovecollegegirls" on an fpov vid
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Track Name: FFS
Hungover in the central line heat
Threw up two times this morning; let's not make it 3
It's not very crowded but people are sharing seats
And I'm writing lyrics I hope no one can see
(Fuck me)


Writing about love is so tough
Why aren't just three words enough
Why do I need to show I care
You should know by now I don't lie that often
What more is there to add
Why can't I just say that I am glad
That we met
And I want to hang out every day


My thoughts are kinda fuzzy and it's hard to form a picture of you in my head
Three days of taking pills and I'm still wishing I weren't wishing I were dead
Going to band practice in Acton to play songs about
How much I hate my ex
And how I have no idea what romance is yet
Track Name: Afternoon After
Hungover, running on fumes
I promise I'll be going home soon
But right now it's nice to just lay in the light
Look at your face and count the tears coming out of your eyes
Ditched my friends so we could hang a little more
Then for hours we watched shadows move across the floor
Not that I got bored

The bus between our houses
Is the slowest it's ever been
If I gave up and went back to yours
Would you let me in?
Looks pretty windy out there
And the sky's turned grey
But I check my phone and it says
There's no chance of rain

Get off, 5 minutes away
Just gotta open my door and then I can claim
That I made it out alive
And as such everything is alright
Staring at my feet I start to move
Wondering what it all meant to you
And what I can possibly do
Track Name: "If I'm ripping off AJJ then I may as well use brave as a noun"
You should be right here at this party
We should be having some fun
But you're in Wales
And this party's not in Wales
It's in Islington

I'm acting pretty fucking spacey
I keep thinking of the day
That we opened
Up our hearts
And of the words I couldn't find the braves to say
Track Name: Love Song
I feel down sometimes
I'll either die by suicide
Or alcohol poisoning
I've torn apart my body
And the scars will never fade
I cannot forget my failings

I was not built to last
When I'm dead throw me in the trash
But right now I love you

My emotional capacity
Is just varying degrees of anger
So I've started taking drugs to make me a person
But now I'm in bed pressing a pillow to my face
Trying to scream but I can't breathe
Maybe this time I'll finally suffocate

The depression makes it hard to get up
And the pills make it hard to get it up
But somehow I love you
Track Name: Going to the Beach
Leaving the country the same day you get back
I'd say I'm sad but I don't get sad
But I guess I'm upset that
I didn't get to play you my love song before I left
Getting drunk at the airport alone
Maybe I do need a change of scenery
I'm going to the beach

I haven't been there in a couple years
Last time I went
My grandad wasn't dead
And I liked my ex
But at the time she wasn't my ex
Haven't talked to her in about half a year
That's been pretty goddamn sweet
And now I'm going to the beach

Bringing my guitar
So I can sing
I'll sing about you and I'll sing about me
And about the stars
Cause the stars in Alabama are pretty
I'll sing about my idea of romance
I'll sing about my feelings
And I'll sing about the beach
Cause I'm going to the beach
Track Name: Stargazing
Sounds of the surf
The waves crashing down
The wind in my ears
Laying in the now cool sand
I feel it inbetween my fingers and in my hair
Underneath my nails and stuck to my feet
I'm thinking of you
And wondering what you are thinking

Beach side property
This'd make a nice home for you and me
We could fish for dinner
And write each other poetry
Gulf shores evenings
Holding hands and star gazing
Do you think this could be your fantasy?

The future has never looked so bright
Illuminated by this starry night
I look up at the lights in the sky
And I search for a while
Track Name: 2pm
This is not my idea of fun
Roasting in the summer sun
My body hurts
This sunburn can't get any worse

I love this place
Just not in the middle of the day
SPF 110
Does not do shit to save my skin

The water's warm
The riptide's pulling me down the shore
In an innertube
Look back at the beach and I think I see you

I love this place
But the heat is making me go insane
Either that or you've been
On my mind a bit too much well I'm trying
To think about things that I like
And not just the person that I like
Obsession isn't sexy
But hey, neither am I with these tan lines
Track Name: Gulf Storms, or, "There's not enough alka-seltzer in the world to ease the headache caused by you" part 1
The rain beats down
On my guitar
My arms are tired
It's getting hard
To play
And I can barely hear my voice over the waves

These songs are exhausting
To write and sing
Especially knowing that
They'll amount to nothing
And I
Am probably wasting my time

Jellyfish stings
All down my legs
Been 4 weeks now
And I'm still wishing I weren't wishing I were dead

Going home
In a day or so
And I can't wait
To see your face
Even though
You've already said you don't have feelings for me

Track Name: "There's not enough alka-seltzer in the world to ease the headache caused by you" parts 2 & 3
[part 2]
6 hour drive
To a 9 hour flight
To an hour long Piccadilly line ride
To you
Thought I might see this one through

On Holloway Road
And the text arrives
That you're sorry but you can't meet up tonight
And that's fucked
Cause tomorrow I'm leaving for Europe

Head back home
And take off my clothes
Masturbate a little but the porn won't load
It's okay
I can barely get it up anyway

Pick up my guitar
Work on gulf storms
Realise that this song has the same chords
I'm screwed
Guess I'll just call it part two

You're the riptide of my life
I've been pulled into deep water
By dreams of being your wife
This didn't end right
I was supposed to stop by
I need a conclusion
I need to know why
Why you don't like what I'm like
Why you don't want to hold me in the night
I don't want to go without you for months at a time
I need to play you some songs of mine

I occasionally remember a conversation
From a couple years back
Where you said you didn't like holding hands
And it's scared me ever since
Cause I love holding hands
And I love you
And I'd love to hold hands with you
And feel your fingers between mine
Feel you pull me along when you get excited
Feel you squeeze real tight if I ever start to cry

[part 3]
It's the 3rd of May, 2017
And I haven't seen you since last september
And that's fine cause I'm over you now
But still I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me
I don't think that I can give this album an ending
Cause these feelings never ended
These songs still stand
I just changed focus to someone new
Who doesn't like me in that way too
Oh god, I can't get over anyone
Without getting into someone else
I'm trying hard to just move on
To write some different songs
But this is all I think about and it feels so fucking wrong
I can't grow up
Can't really change
And it's so dumb that I'm in pain
And that it won't end
Because some people just want to be my friend